4 Activities which really should be on your bucket list

In life few things are guaranteed. So, it’s best to grab it by the reins, take control, and lead the best possible one you can. While sure, grown-up responsibilities can often curb this adventurous streak of yours. However, during such times, it’s best to throw all your ideas, aspirations and life-goals into an imaginary bucket, ready for when you do take the reins. To help, we’ve lined up a few suggestions for your bucket. Sure, you may have done some of these already (and if you have, well done you). If you haven’t though, get ready to add these to your bucket list activities checklist. Trust us, you wont regret it.


1. See the Northern Lights


There are many travel must-sees that, if we had the time, we would list off to you, however, the elusive Northern Lights are particularly striking. This experience is a staple option when it comes to bucket list activities. While hugely popular this shouldn’t distract you from the sheer wonder they can leave you in. You too can, and should, follow many other stargazer’s footsteps and witness the aurora borealis (that’s the Northern Lights to you and I). This idea is perfect for your bucket list activities checklist, as you’ll never look at the sky in quite the same way again. Which is why this idea is lighting up our list in the top spot.


Northern Lights


2. Go on a road trip


When we say road trip, we don’t by any means hop in a car for an hour or so and end up at a required destination. Oh no. We mean an in-it-for-the-long-haul road trip. Why, you may be asking, when there are so many other ways of travelling? Because, dear bucket list enthusiast, being on the road means you can experience adventure in a way that other forms of faster, speedier travel cannot give you.


When on the road, the travelling is 100% up to you; there aren’t any timetables, deadlines, or flight times you need to keep to. You can stop off, go and end up wherever you want. Do you like the look of that tiny, remote village on the map? Well then, go there and see what wonders you discover on the way. The possibilities, and freedoms, are limitless and all yours. Whilst on the road your travel is all up to you – you even have somewhere to sleep in case you fall short! Remember the journey is the adventure – and the destination? Why, that’s completely up to you!


3. Conquer a fear


True, conquering a fear can be a difficult thing to do, after all, it’s a scary situation to be in. But conquering a fear can be life-affirming. Forcing yourself to face the things you are afraid of helps you to accept what makes you feel vulnerable, and then stand up to it anyway. Naturally, this makes you more of a courageous individual, helping you to grow and progress in life. Fear can inhibit you, and if you know you can conquer it, the world is your oyster.


Conquer a fear

4. Go spelunking


We could have just said exploration of caves, but when a hobby has a name like spelunking, who wouldn’t use it? Like the Northern Lights, spelunking is an adventurous must-see, must-do idea for our bucket list activities that if you’ve not yet considered, you really should begin to. If the very idea of trekking into the deep crevices of our planet doesn’t spark your exploratory streak, we’re not quite sure what will.


Observe for yourself the cavernous beauty of the underground, and revel in the fact you’re doing what not many other people have. With so many caves to explore, all over the world, spelunking really is an adventurous delicacy waiting underground, just for you.


There are many, many more ideas which should also have pride of place on your bucket list activities checklist. The only limit is your imagination, and well, occasionally funds. In the end, not everything in life is guaranteed, so, make sure that living life to the fullest certainly is.