5 Pinterest worthy wedding ideas

First and foremost, congratulations on your upcoming nuptials. Getting married is one of the most exciting and happiest times of your life, not to mention one of the most creative too. It’s only natural to want everything, even the smallest of details done to perfection. After all, your wedding should be a beautiful representation of yourself and your soon to be partner-in-life. You want your guests to leave at the end of the day with a delightful mixture of awe, wonderment and feeling just as loved-up as you are. So, how do you go about this? Well, we at Offer Parade have put together this handy list of Pinterest worthy wedding ideas that we hope will inspire and spark your very own creativity.

Wedding Party


1. DIY Lace Ribbon Backdrop


This is one of the most simple, yet effective,  wedding ideas and has a rather stunning finish. Even better, it can be placed almost anywhere you want! How about behind where you are going to get married? Or, at your reception as a backdrop for your photoshoot? Or, how about dotted around outside as yet another decorative nook for your guests to explore – and most importantly capture! This DIY decoration piece can be made from whatever you want, be it lace, ribbon, hessian, or a wonderful mix of the lot – whatever best reflects your wedding style.


2. Make your own confetti


The confetti throw can be the picture-perfect postcard moment of your wedding, capturing your first few moments as a married couple. So, naturally it is worth making the most of this part of your day. And, what could be better than making your own confetti? Go a step further and make this moment so much more with the addition of herbs thrown into the traditional petal confetti mix. Creating your own herbetti – if you will – not only will it be looking perfect, but smelling like it too.

Confetti wedding


3. Get creative with the aisle


Another important part of the wedding is the aisle. Whoever is planning to sashay down it, or even if you both plan too, make this moment even more special by personalising it. And how better to personalise this big moment than letting the aisle, literally, speak for itself? Write down your own unique love story, bit by bit, or combine important dates with pictures of you two. You’ll have your guests sobbing before you’ve even arrived. After all, who doesn’t appreciate a good ol’ love story!


4. Get creative lighting


Lighting is oh-so crucial to the wedding day. As the daytime begins to fade, a combination of different mood lighting is best to transform your space into its much-needed evening glow.  Starting with the tables which will seat your guests; cluster candles and tea lights to illuminate a romantic mood. What’s more, whether you’re inside or out, add a canopy of fairy lights so that it looks like the stars are already out to play when the daylight begins to dim. There are so many bright (see what we did there?) ideas you can incorporate into your wedding – and if done right – are spectacular, Pinterest worthy wedding ideas.

Wedding lighting


5. Papel Picado


If you’re looking for a fiesta of a wedding, then why not try this? The traditional Mexican art of cut paper commonly incorporates floral or bird designs, and looks stunning strung up into a garland for your reception, or ceremony, décor. Papel Picado will add that homemade touch your guests will appreciate, admire and, yet again, capture.


Success is almost always within the details, so, get creative with your wedding. Trust us, if you do you’ll be left with a whole album of wedding photos that are Pinterest worthy. Oh, happy day, well it is certainly going to be…