5 Sleek and sensational home storage solutions

Most of us have a lot of stuff, and that means we need a lot of storage space. However, we don’t feel that this need for storage should mean that we have to compromise on style. Not only that, we don’t believe that it should cost the Earth either. With a dash of creativity, and a DIY attitude, it’s possible to install in your home a range of innovative home storage solutions, that are all positively brimming with your own unique personality too. So, whether your pots and pans are a pain to put away, or your towels are unruly in their unravelling, we’re sure these ideas will inspire some sensational home storage solutions for you.


Home storage solutions


1. Use your inner walls


In small rooms and spaces, bulky and cumbersome cabinets can prove more trouble than they’re worth. It may, however, be possible in your property to find new home storage solutions within the walls themselves. Any partition walls or drywall sheets in your property are likely concealing vacant spaces. Between the studs in these walls, recessed shelves and in-built cabinets can be fitted. This way you’re creating storage space without sacrificing an inch of your floor space.


2. Embrace the pegboard


Pegboards can be fitted and prove both tasteful and useful in any room in the house. For instance, in the garage a pegboard can be used to hang your tools safely and to hand; in the bedroom, a pegboard can be a great organiser for jewellery and accessories; even in the kitchen, by fitting a pegboard in the base of a drawer, you’ll have created yourself an adjustable pan or tray organiser. Their adjustable nature means that they can be constantly be adapted to your storage needs.


3. Hooks, hooks and more hooks


Like the pegboard, hooks are one of the most versatile home storage solutions. All around the house, they’re a viable option wherever you look. With such a phenomenal range of styles, strengths and uses, a home without hooks is seriously missing something. Hooks are easy to fit and replace too. Just one by the door could eliminate your need for key bowl immediately. Command hooks are an affordable, stick on solution that can help clear up cupboards and clutter all over your home.


4. The spinning home storage solutions


Wouldn’t life be so much easier if you could make all those bits at the back of your drawers and cupboards simply come to you? Well, in a way, you can. A rotating plate – or ‘Lazy Susan’ – can make those previously hard to reach places all too easy to get to. Cupboards and drawers with rotating bases are essentially the access-all-areas pass your kitchen has been crying out for. If you’re still not dizzy, consider rotating CD and DVD towers rather than a row of separate racks. This’ll keep all of your media in one easy to reach place, whilst saving floor space at the same time.


5. Upcycled organisers


Been racking your brain as to what to do with those old magazine racks? Going mad about mason jars going without use? You can use these jobless odds and ends to create all sorts of wonderful home storage solutions. Magazine racks can keep your cereal boxes in check. Labelled mason jars are great for herbs and spices. Even toilet roll tubes can be used for great, tidy cable storage. The best thing about these upcycled organisers as home storage solutions is that they offer so much scope for personalisation and artistry. As these items would otherwise only end up in the bin, you’re free to go crazy with your decorations and design, safe in the knowledge you can always scrap-and-start-again.


De-cluttering has never been as fun or thrifty as it is with these joyous home storage solutions. Making the most of your living space isn’t always easy, but getting creative, and finding efficient, cost-cutting ways of making your home as roomy as it can be, is always a good thing.