6 Wedding dress shopping hacks

Let us start by first saying congratulations; this is an extremely exciting time for you. While planning for a wedding can be a very exhilarating period in your life, it can also be one of the most stressful, the two go hand in hand – just like you and your partner will do very soon. Finding a wedding dress can be a different experience for different people. For some, fairly quick; for others, a long process resulting in many dresses. To help, we at Offer Parade have put together some top tips to make this crucial part of the wedding planning just that little bit easier.

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1. The Style

Before you go ahead, it’s best to think about the theme or style your overall day is going to emanate.  This is important as this style will filter down to other parts of your day. Of course, we are not suggesting you blend in with the décor, goodness no, but to complement with the rest of the day. For instance, if you’re having a beach wedding, certain wedding dresses may not suit or will be simply impractical.


2. Research the styles

While we admit research is good to carry out in order to hone down what you are looking for, our best piece of advice is to not rule anything out and to keep an open mind. Even if you end up trying on every style in the shop – which, trust us, is so much fun – you may end up finding a style that surprisingly you didn’t think you’d love. So, don’t write anything off. While it is good to have an idea, it is also good to not have one too.


3. Price range

Unfortunately, though we would love to say get whatever your heart desires, you should also stay realistic and practical. Know what your budget is, and how far you can stray from it. If your family is helping out, make sure you’re aware of how much; if it’s coming out of the wedding fund, again make sure you’ve decided on your budget with your partner-to-be.

Don’t forget that the dress is just the dress, you’ll still have everything else to cater for: for instance, the shoes, the accessories, the veil, the wedding etc. The general rule of thumb is to not even try on any dresses that are out of your price range. Just don’t go there. Otherwise, you may end up falling madly in love with a dress that is just too expensive.


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4. Bridal shops

Most bridal shops are by appointment only. So, you’ll have to book in advance. Naturally, Saturdays are the busiest days to shop for wedding dresses. Therefore, if you would like to feel a little less like cattle then you may wish to book on another day. Another helpful tip is to make sure, when booking your appointment, that there aren’t any service charges attached for trying on the dresses. Getting married is an expensive time, and you can’t afford any surprising expenses.


5. No big entourage

It’s true, it’s best not to bring a big entourage with you to your dress appointments. Too many people’s opinions can silence your own. At the end of the day, this is yours and your partners time, not anyone else’s. If you are bringing people along, try to keep it to the bear minimum number of people.


6. Altering those alterations

Alterations are the next step once you’ve chosen your dress. For this very reason it is important to start trying on and choosing dresses as early as possible. This will mean that the alterations can be carried out with ease before your big day, however, be weary not to go shopping too much in advance; every season brings with it new styles of wedding dresses, so, timing is crucial.


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Trying on wedding dresses is a central part of your planning, not to mention fun. However, it’s important to stay true to yourself and your own tastes, and especially your own budget. Getting married is one of the best days of your life, and even better in the dress of your dreams.