How to create the perfect herb garden

It is officially spring time. A time of the year which is classically depicted in many ways; from new-born animals, sunnier and warmer weather and plants sprouting from the defrosting ground. Yes, that’s right, it is also a time where vegetations of varying shapes and sizes can start to grow again. If you want your home to reflect this greener time in the year, then why not consider growing the perfect herb garden?

Herbs are hugely versatile plants, and can almost grow anywhere. So, if your home doesn’t come with a garden then worry not, you can still have your own herb garden inside – and it can be presented in many different ways – why not consider pots, or jars or even hanging bottles to feature your herbs? If you do have a garden then herbs are a gentler step into growing your own vegetables and fruit, they offer a nice introduction to the nurture nature concept and the vital bridge to green fingers.

Herb garden

1. It’s all about the space

However you plan to present your herb garden, it is all about the location, location, location. If you’re planning on growing them inside make sure they get light, for instance try placing your herbs by the windowsill or in a brightly lighted spot in your home. Get creative with how you pot them too; make them a growing interior design feature in themselves by placing them in unique pots such as mason jars, tins, wooden boxes – the choice is completely up to you!

If you plan to grow them outside, try choosing a spot with good drainage and not too much direct sunlight. Herbs are fantastic for your garden as they are ideal for bees and other pollinators, offering these vital parts of the ecosystem fragrant havens. Try incorporating a mix of different herbs in your garden, it can also help to plan out what goes where before buying anything.

2. Choose your herbs

What do you fancy brightening up your garden or home? What scents do you want to wafting into the air? Also, consider what will be useful in terms of what you cook and eat regularly? For instance, if you love your fair share of fish – maybe Dill is one herb you ought to consider.

There are so many herbs that you can easily grow at home too! Basil, Thyme, Parsley, Oregano, Mint, Rosemary etc. Which can be used in all kinds of dishes; salads, smoothies, desserts, risottos – even cocktails. And, even better, you can grow as few or as many as you have room for, the list can always grow! (See what we did there?)

Herb Garden

3. Preparation

If only all gardening was as easy as chucking some seeds to the floor and waiting for the magic to happen. Trust us, it’s not. And it isn’t as easy as that for herbs either, especially if you have a hankering for that perfect herb garden.

If you are growing your herbs out in the fresh air, for optimum herb results, it is best to prep the soil first. Remove any weeds that may be lurking there and turnover the soil to loosen it up. Next, buy some suitable top soil for your herbs and mix that into your loose soil. This will help your budding herbs in every possible way.

If, however, your garden is happening inside…first, choose your interesting pot of choice and fill with soil – this can be done with almost anything – even with something as small as a teacup!

How about taking this a step further and decorating your own pots?  Paint some terracotta pots with chalk paint and then label them with chalk.

Growing your own herbs and creating the perfect herb garden is a useful, versatile and delicious way of growing your own. Spring is a greener time of the year, so you should be too.