How to nail a job interview

Job interviews are a stressful, but necessary, part of life. After graduating the world of interviewing opens up in all its traumatic glory. Once you have your foot figuratively in the door, in the form of an interview, it’s your opportunity to show your potential employer what you’re made of. So, naturally a sense of calm is in order. Sure, things could go wrong but likewise things could also go well. In the end, it all comes down to how you handle yourself, and that largely relies on your prep. To this end, we’ve put together ways to nail that job interview, and get you through that door permanently.

Job interview

1. Do your homework

‘Failing to prepare is preparing to fail’ – wise words once uttered by Benjamin Franklin still resonate strongly today. In essence, you should do your research before a job interview. This can stem down many routes, the more you know about the company you’re applying for the more you’ll impress. It’s as easy as that. Find out if anything new is happening at the company, what their goals are – know it all. Not only will this prepare you well, but when it comes to the inevitable time for you to ask questions of the interviewer, you’ll be ready, but we’ll go more into this later.

2. Get ready for that trick question

In every job interview, the interviewer is interested in how you manage yourself in a difficult situation. So, be ready for that trick question, as one will surely be coming. Its typical guise is in the form of ‘what’s your biggest weakness?’, but however that trick question comes be ready. Remember that it’s also ok to not answer immediately, you can think about your response. But by preparing for the most common trick questions you’ll be giving yourself the best possible foot forward.

3. Practice your answers

You’ll find the internet littered with example interview questions and ideal responses for said questions. These articles should become your bible in the run-up to your job interview. And you should make sure that you can understand what it is the question is really asking and formulate a correspondingly excellent answer – compatible to your situation, of course – then practice, practice, practice. Just ensure that when it comes to it, the dreaded day, you don’t sound too rehearsed but as natural as possible. And, if you can do all this with a confident aura, you’ll figuratively take home the gold.

interviewing skills

4. Have a list of your own questions

This will be extremely easy to do if you followed our first point and did your homework. In addition, if you’re good at thinking on your feet and forming questions in response to what is discussed in the interview, this point will also be a breeze. No matter your approach, having your own questions to hand when asked helps your candidacy a great deal. Just remember that if during the interview any of these questions are answered before you ask – mentally tick it off your list. Nothing ends an interview more limply than having no questions, as this just comes off as uninterested in the role and company.

4. Exude confidence

Confidence is key, whether inside you’re a shaking mess, outside you should reflect calm poise and self-assurance. Even if you have to take a deep, or several deep, breaths first. First impressions are crucial, so be conscious on how you come across. Give a firm, but non-bone-crushing handshake with a positively radiant smile. Throughout the interview, ensure that you maintain eye-contact and come across approachable. Lastly, ensure you thank your interviewers for their time and once you are a safe distance away you can officially celebrate for a job well done!

Job interviews are never fun, but by following these above points, and remembering to remain calm with a clear head, you’ll hear the words you’re hired in no time!