At Offer Parade, our vision is to simplify online bargaining and to make it a mainstream shopping option for everyone. Buyers and sellers can negotiate prices on a vast range of goods and services.

We believe that everyone should benefit with Offer Parade. Sellers benefit by getting rid of second hand goods, slow moving stock, selling their services during offpeak periods, or simply getting access to an interested market. Sellers find Buyers for new or second-hand goods. Sellers find Buyers for services. Buyers enjoy great bargains and have a say in pricing. A parade of offers in an intuitive web shop environment.

Ethical behaviour relating to what is displayed on the website as well as how people interact is of paramount importance. Offer Parade wants to nurture a thriving community that displays mutual respect and tolerance.

What Offer Parade allows you to do

  • Seller lists an item on Offer Parade
  • Buyer makes an offer to pay for an item above the Current Offer price, but below the Buy Now price if it exists (the retail/sale price)
  • Seller accepts/declines the offer, or the buyer and seller can enter into a negotiation via the in-app messaging
  • Offer is accepted, buyer is prompted to pay.
  • Buyer pays, Seller gets paid

How is Offer Parade different to an online auction?

Try it, it’s a completely different experience.

The main differences are:

An Offer can be accepted by a Seller at any time during its listing period after which, the successful Buyer will be prompted to make payment. Offer Parade enables communications/negotiations between Buyers and Sellers.

Sellers are not obligated to sell an item unless they accept an Offer. In an auction, a seller is obligated to sell their item to the highest bidder. The auction seller may have set a reserve price, but a bid above that threshold also forces the seller to let the item go.

The time limit attached to an item on of Offer Parade is only to ensure that the website does not become cluttered with old listings and therefore complicate Buyer searches. If an Offer is not accepted by the time the listing expires, no sale will be made, irrespective of the number of Offers received.

How does Offer Parade enable charity contributions?

We know that many people contribute to charitable causes and at Offer Parade, we intend making this process as easy as possible. If a seller wishes to contribute to a charity, they can choose a percentage of the proceeds of a sale to contribute. Offer Parade's Charity service manages the contribution on behalf of the seller. It could not be easier. Read more about our charity service.