How do I sell a product on Offer Parade?

Take a look at our detailed explanation for: How to buy on Offer Parade

How do I buy a product on Offer Parade?

Take a look at our detailed explanation for: How to sell on Offer Parade

If I deactivate an item, will I receive notifications for the item?


How do I deactivate an item I have listed or set it to inactive?

Go into your Manage Products section, find the item, select the number of days you wish it to be deactivated and click Deactivate.

How do I reactivate an item that was set to inactive?

Go into your Manage Products section, find the item you had deactivated, and click Activate. Note that if you do not activate it manually, it will be automatically activated when the deactivate period has expired. The days remaining for the listing will revert back to the same number of days that was outstanding prior to the deactivation.

What does it cost to list an item on Offer Parade?

Listing on Facebook is free of charge.

I want to sell an item, but a suitable category does not exist?

We have two categories to start with. There is a category for “Other” products for anything that does not fit into these categories. As the User-base grows, more categories will be added. We do not sell big ticket items like vehicles, boats, properties, etc at this early stage. These items will be available on the site in the future.

How do I report offensive content on Offer Parade?

Any item or message thread can be reported if it is deemed to be offensive. Offer Parade administrators will review the item and/or message thread and will decide on a course of action. Users who deliberately abuse the system will be blacklisted which will prevent them from any further interactions with the system.

Are my messages visible to anyone other than the intended recipient?

Messages between Buyers and Sellers are completely private.

Only messages linked to an item that has been identified as possibly being abusive, is visible to Offer Parade administrators. This is to enable an administrator to conduct a thorough investigation and to decide on a course of action.

How will I know if an offer has been made on an item I am selling?

You will be notified by email and/or SMS. You will be able to specify if you wish to receive SMS notifications. You can also log into Offer Parade and view all of your notifications.

How much time do I have to accept/decline an Offer?

You have 24 hours to respond to an Offer. If you do not respond to an Offer within 24 hours, the system will automatically reject the offer.

Can I list multiple units of an identical item?

Yes, you may list up to 100 units of a product on condition that each unit is identical (for example, 50 identical white plastic chairs).

Can I accept more than one offer?

You can only if you've listed multiple units of an item. The system allows you to accept none, one or multiple offers. Keep in mind that each subsequent Offer will be higher than the previous Offer. This means that your first accept will be higher than the second accepted Offer which will be higher than the third, and so forth.

If a single customer wishes to buy multiple units, then he/she has to do so by using the Buy Now option.

You of course have the option of accepting only one offer or none of the offers.

What is the Buy Now price?

The Buy Now price is what the Seller deems is the value of the item. This could be the price of the item on the shelf or the price they paid for it recently or a sale price specifically applicable to Offer Parade Users. The Buy Now price is not mandatory and many items will not have this price listed. You can expect Buy Now prices on items listed by retailers. Where it is listed, the Seller is OBLIGATED to let the item go at the Buy Now price if a Buyer elected to purchase the item at said price. The Buyer must click on the Buy Now button to purchase at this price. BUYERS MUST NOT ENTER THE BUY NOW PRICE INTO THE OFFER SECTION.

Offer prices will generally be considerably less than the Buy Now price. If there are multiple units of the same item, a Buyer can purchase multiple units at the Buy Now price.

Private Seller sales, especially for secondhand goods, would generally not have a Buy Now price.