Go into Offer Parade's website

Enter keywords and the geographical area in which you wish to search for a specific item.

The Search Results page will provide you with a list of items that suits your search criteria. It provides a short description of the product, the latest Offer for the product and the listing expiry date (which is the date when the item will be removed from Offer Parade).

You can either place an Offer for the item at this stage or you can click on the product name to view more pics and get more information about the product.

When you place an Offer, you will be transported to the Register/Loginpage. If you haven't registered before, you will be required to do a simple registration at this stage that requires a name, email address and a password of your choice. Of course you can complete the detailed registration at this stage if you wish to.

To place an Offer, click in the field and type in an amount that is higher than the current latest Offer. Note that your Offer should be equal to or higher than the Current Offer + the increment

The successful Buyer will arrange to collect the item and make payment directly to the Seller. Do not provide personal information (such as bank details) in any communication with the Seller.