(Note that once you've registered to sell, you do not need to do another registration to buy)

If you are already registered with Offer Parade, you will be required to login. If you have not yet registered, you will be required to complete the simple registration process where you will provide a name, email address and choose password.

At the time that you list an item, you will be required to provide further information such as banking details, etc. You are given a choice of providing this information each time you sell a product or you can save the information to your profile to allow easier future sales.

Once you've logged in, follow the 3 easy steps to list your item and to make it searchable for prospective Buyers. Follow the prompts and in no time at all, your product will be listed.

Remember that good looking photos are always appreciated by buyers. You are able to sell on Offer Parade without loading photos, but this is not recommended.